The Bard Musical Theatre Company

Overview of The Bard Musical Theatre Company

The Bard Musical Theatre Company is a student led collective that curates theatrical performance opportunities for the students at Bard College and has become one of the largest student theatre communities on campus. Each semester BMTC produces one major musical. BMTC strives to bring together a diverse group of multidisciplinary student artists to produce performance based events on campus. To date, BMTC is made up of over 150 student theatre artists, technicians, and performers, and has quickly established itself as an integral part of Bard’s student theatre community. Imitating not-for-profit theatre, this company provides the opportunity to practically apply theatre-making, administrative, and performance skills and fill roles that exist within the production of theatrical work. By creating work within a model that resembles a professional theatre, the Bard Musical Theatre Company offers students a real-world understanding of the operation and execution of theatrical performances. Ultimately, BMTC aims to equip Bard students with the knowledge and experience necessary to curate, develop, and produce their own work in the professional world.