Hot Lovers

Overview of Hot Lovers

Hot Sauce and Polaroids, that's it.

Feel like being condescending to the hipster regime and their Sriracha? Want to transcend the red vinegar water known as Red Hot? Tired of stable bowel movements? Are you wise and true?
Hot Lovers!
We seek both seasoned sauce veterans and cry baby newcomers interested in learning about and tasting unique hot sauces. Every variety of hot sauce speaks to a larger culinary tradition and we won't haze anyone. Hot sauce is a language of love and we want to share this spicy literacy with everyone.
O' Paladin of Pain slather this limp fish taco with what will surely be the best part of my day. With Haste! Hot Paste! Taste Great! My Fate!

Get a Polaroid photo, when you try hot sauce of varying Scoville levels.

Hot Lovers

Club Officers

Mo Olagunju