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The Race Monologues is a group on campus that seeks to create an open and visible dialogue about race ethnicity and identity on campus. We partner with several on campus clubs and Trustee Leadership Scholar (TLS) projects to host a series of anti-racism workshops, guest speakers and professionally facilitated workshops. In addition, we are working closely with SPASM and The Difference and Media Project to host an open mic centered around questions of diversity and create a publication of students experience around these issues. Our biggest event will be “The Race Monologues”—a collaborative student written performance piece about race and ethnicity on campus. This piece will be the culminating performance event in a semester of dialogue around race and ethnicity at Bard.


Club Officers

Jordana Rubenstein-Edberg

is a Junior at Bard College, Double Majoring in Human Rights and Theater & Performance. She hopes tog go into the field of “Art-Activism”–using the arts to create new spaces of cross-cultural dialogue and understanding.

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