Student Space

Student Space is located in the regular Kline Dining Area ( y’know, where you eat dinner). Student Space was created so that students didn’t have to leave as soon as the food service area of Kline closed. Student Space is not a quiet space – you and your friends can stay late, hang out, and occasionally there’s even live music and events going on in the space. Language study groups – this is your place!

Hours of Operation:

Student Space runs 7 days a week, from 7:30PM – 9:30PM, unless there is an event in the space, a power outage or really really really inclement weather.

How to use Student Space:

1. Go to the space, and set yourself up to do whatever. There’s plenty of outlets and WiFi in the space.

How it works:

Anyone can use this service. We have one monitor in for each 2 hour shift, and that monitor answers questions, makes sure that space is spotless and not being misused. The monitor is in place to help us make sure that the space is available for student use, as it is technically under operation by Chartwells. Please respect the space, as it helps us maintain our good relationship with the company. Chartwells provides coffee for the study space, so please keep their generosity in mind when in any of the Spaces!

Who runs Study Space:

Ariadne Sinnis-Borozikas is the current Director of Spaces. For questions, comments and concerns, please email

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