Golf Cart Patrol

Golf Cart Patrol is exactly what is sounds like. Well, not exactly. Have to lug a camera across campus? Twisted your ankle playing Rugby? Call Golf Cart! We’ll come and pick you up and take you where you need to go on campus, free of charge.

Hours of Operation:

Golf Cart Patrol runs 7 days a week, from 9pm to 1am. In case of inclement weather, please contact Security to learn the availability of the service. If the shuttle has stopped running early, Golf Cart Patrol may be cancelled for that night for the safety of our patrollers.

How to use Golf Cart:

1. Call Security at (845) 758-7460 (non-emergency line), and request a Golf Cart. Be prepared to give them your name, number and where you currently are on campus.

2. Wait near the exit of your building, so that the Golf Cart does not miss you accidentally. If it’s cold out, bundle up, since it will be slightly windy.

3.  Greet your driver and hop on! Be aware that the Golf Cart, like most fine things in life, is single-serving. One person at a time, please.

4. Ride off into the night, or to DTR. You do you.

How it works:

Anyone can use this service. We have one Golf Cart Driver that has the keys for the night, and answers all calls. Please be patient, as you might not be the only call that night, and the Golf Cart is not a ’69 Chevy, and has a limited speed it can go. Your loyal Golf Cart Patroller can choose to accept calls up after 12:45am, it’s up to them, so call earlier so they aren’t stuck working late because someone just really really really has to get that last minute slider.

Who runs Golf Cart Patrol:

Emmett Dienstag is the current Director of Golf Cart Patrol. For questions, comments and concerns, please email

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