Safe Ride was created to help stranded Bard students in the nearby communities of Tivoli and Red Hook. The service picks up Bard students from these areas and brings them safely back to campus, free of charge.


Tivoli Delivery

Tivoli Delivery was created to offer late night transportation for students residing in the Village of Tivoli,  bringing Tivoli residents safely back to their homes after the shuttle has stopped running.


Emergency Driver

Emergency Driving is our 24/7 department that provides transportation for students in case of emergencies. Emergencies can constitute anything from spraining your ankle, to having a high fever – as long as there’s no need for an ambulance, but still an urgency. Emergency Driving can only be used if determined by Bard EMS, which can be called through Security in times of medical emergency.


Community Appointment Driving Service

Bard Student Resource Group provides free transportation for students with off-campus mental health needs.


Golf Cart Patrol

Golf Cart Patrol is exactly what is sounds like. Well, not exactly. Have to lug a camera across campus? Twisted your ankle playing Rugby? Call Golf Cart! We’ll come and pick you up and take you where you need to go on campus, free of charge.



Student Space is located in the regular Kline Dining Area. Student Space was created so that students didn’t have to leave as soon as the food service area of Kline closed. Student Space is not a quiet space – you and your friends can stay late, hang out, and occasionally there’s even live music and events going on in the space. Language study groups – this is your place!

Study Space is located in the Kline Faculty Dining Area (the other side of Kline). We provide a quiet space open to all students, free coffee, and during finals week – we cover the hours that the library isn’t open.