Meet our team.

Event Planning


Hi I’m Alexander Habiby. I’m a senior (kind of) studying Film and Electronic Arts. I’ve been working at SPARC for four semesters now, and outside of SPARC I run the Choose Your Menu night at Kline, help run Comedy Club, and try my best to write decent short films and plays.


Yo! My name is Antonio Nichols and I am a sophomore and studio arts major at Bard College. I am 19 years old and from Atlanta, Georgia. I am a SPARC intern and aspire to help my peers to the best of my ability. Outside the SPARC office I am a posse scholar, Co- head of the Fashion Committee, member of Building Up Hudson, Event Staff, and a overall friend to my peers. Also, I love art and hope to build my career around it.


Hey there! I am JaQuan Beachem, a senior studying Theater & Performance here at Bard! I am a SPARC Event Planning Intern and I truly enjoy helping my peers coordinate to make their events become a reality. Outside of the office, you can find me rehearsing for a production, singing with the Gospel Choir or hanging around campus attempting to change the world one day at a time. Come on by the office – I hope to see you soon!


Hi! I’m Maia Petrova, an Event Planning Intern and a senior majoring in Film Production. I consider myself an “international nomad”. I was born in Russia but was raised in Nigeria, and now, I’m here! Outside of the SPARC office, I help out the International Student Organization, freak out over my thesis film, handle clubs’ expenditures as Student Government Treasurer, or listen to amazing stories from people around the world. Come by the office so we can help you get the most out of your event (and say hi)!


Hi! I am Odett Salcedo, a junior studying Mathematics and Latin American & Iberian Studies at Bard. This is my second semester working at SPARC, outside the office I’m involved with the Student Government’s Fiscal Committee and the International Student Organization.



Hi! I’m Arobi, originally from Queens NY, now a Junior studying Political Studies here at Bard. I am a SPARC Publicity Intern, so I make posters for the amazing events that happen here. Outside of school and work, I love to dance and I started the KPOP dance club at Bard, which is a thing now.


I’m Cafferty Frattarelli, a senior majoring in Computer Science. I’m most recently from Petaluma, California, though I’ve lived all over the place. Outside of working for SPARC and making you all posters, I enjoy writing, drawing, and playing tabletop roleplaying games. I participate in many on campus clubs, such as Mind’s Eye Theater, Blacksmithing, and Annandale-on-Fire.


Hello! My name is Kai Malowany, I’m senior computer science major from Boulder, CO studying drones and drone theory. Ive been working for SPARC since second semester my sophomore year. outside of SPARC i live in Red Hook currently, play video games (when i actually have a spare moment) and do a lot of work with robotics. I also tutor 100 level computer science classes and you can usually find me in the RKC.


I’m Michelle Gutierrez. I can only love what I do, which is creating art. I’ve been drawing since before I can remember and I specialize in realism, anime and graphic design.I’m from Atlanta, Georgia and love video games, music and good food. Ultimately, I hope to land a career in the digital arts.


Stefan is a Junior who is studying Economics and playing on the Volleyball team. He currently lives in Switzerland, and is originally American/German. This is his second year as a SPARC Intern and he is excited to add to the Bard archive of posters.


Stefanie is a senior Biology major with a concentration in Mind, Brain & Behavior. In addition to being a SPARC intern and making sweet posters, she is also involved with Bard’s branch of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), and has taught both Citizen Science and coding workshops during L&T. Stefanie also does art from time to time. She’s a pretty cool cat.

Web Design


Joe is a junior at Bard studying Human Rights and can hold a conversation in CSS, HTML5, English and French. He photoshops in his spare time, and added the Stevenson library to Google Indoor Maps. If you need a website for your club at Bard, he’s your guy. To get started, email Joe.