Planning an Event

SPARC Event Planning Interns will walk you through the entire event planning and registration process. In one sitting, this process takes about 20 minutes. Be sure to plan well in advance (at least 2 weeks before your event date, when possible) and allow enough time for the whole process. Come to the office prepared with as much of the following information as possible.


SPARC Interns will help you reserve various locations on campus (including SMOG, Manor, Kline, and more). Please come prepared with your top 3 choices of locations for your event.


Do you want music at your event? Need a microphone? We’ll help you submit soundcrew requests, or figure out other sound solutions depending on your event.


Other A/V needs—want to screen a movie? Need to borrow a projector? We will help you navigate these details specific to your event as needed.


How many tables and chairs do you need for you event? Do you need a stage? Want to borrow a grill from Buildings & Grounds for an outdoor event? Room setup is a crucial step in planning your event—don’t worry. We’ll help you with all of this.

Food & Alcohol

There are many different methods for getting events catered, and we’ll help you determine which is best for your event. Serving alcohol is also easier than most people think – just ask and we’ll explain the process to you!


Want a catchy poster for your event? Need some creative ideas about how to publicize? Our Event Planning Interns will help you submit a poster request and walk you through your other publicity options to ensure that your event is well attended!

Event Hosts

Every registered event needs at least 2 Event Hosts who are not performing at the event (as DJ, in a band, etc). In many cases, both Event Hosts will need to sign paperwork related to your event. When possible, come to SPARC together to complete the process in one meeting.


The most important of all steps! This step ensures that your event is officially registered with the Office of Student Activities and with Bard Security. Events that are not registered properly will be shut down.

Event Rules and Guide


Event Rules and Protocol document — learn about hosting an event on campus and school policies related to the process.