This page contains important information for all student clubs at Bard.

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Documents for Club Heads

Club Head Guide

Fall 2017

Important document for all Club Heads. Read this closely as it includes semester-specific dates of important deadlines and events!

Club Spending Guide

Fall 2017

Another crucial guideline for all Club Heads. This document outlines all the instructions and policies regarding spending of club funds.

Amazon Club Orders Guide

This new guide is designed to streamline the process of ordering something for your club through the online retailer Amazon.

Alcohol Training Workshops


September 12th

5 – 6pm


September 22th

4 – 5pm


September 27th

4 – 5pm


October 26th

5 – 6pm

Campus Center | Meeting Room (214)

Other Stuff

Event Rules and Guide


Event Rules and Protocol document — learn about hosting an event on campus and school policies related to the process.

IRS W-9 Form

(Rev. 2011)

Download link for the New York State Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification PDF.

Club Websites

Does your club need a website? Contact Joe, the new SPARC Web Design Intern, to get started with creating a new club site or revamping an old one on the Bard Student Server.