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Bardians can be Respectful Smokers too??

This past semester, students and faculty members have been brainstorming ways to show Bardians that smokers and non-smokers can live in peace and harmony. Spear-headed by Amii LeGendre along with representatives from Health and Counseling Services, the Respectful Smoking Campaign aims to show smokers on campus that their presence is indeed desired just not right in […]

Senior Class Council Fall 2014 Recap

The Senior Class Council (SCC) has had some bad- well more like very little rep this year. In previous years, the SCC was an entity no one knew about, a secret underground society of top secret and selected members. This year, this super secret society is coming out of the caves and becoming more transparent. Every year […]


There is no doubt about it but this campus is still buzzing about the excitement over the ISO (International Student Organization) Cultural Show. If you didn’t make it, you certainly did miss THE event of the year. The ISO Committee, all the performers, SoundCrew, and the MCs went above and beyond this year by making drastic […]


  This past weekend, Bardians hailing from Suminski Inski to Sands House put on their best-kept wigs, acrylic face paint, and a few blood splattered cardboard cut outs to get into the wicked/spooky vibe. But isn’t Halloween for children to run around the darling houses of Red Hook and collect sweet treats from neighbors? Not […]

Welcome Back!

Summer is winding down, students are invading campus, and the inevitable Club Head Day is around the corner. Student Government will provide all the answers you need about club funds and regulations and you will be introduced to Student Activities who will help inform about planning events on campus. Before coming to Club Head Day […]

Urban Cowboy!

Live music, mechanical bull, southwestern fare, vegan chili and bottled root beer! Need we say more? Ironic western wear encouraged.

Club Head Day

Welcome back to campus! I bet all club heads have new and exciting ideas and events they would like to do this semester. Big reminder: CLUB registration is due by 5pm today!!! All clubs MUST be registered by using the Club Registration Form. Club Head Day is tomorrow at 11am in the MPR… attendance is […]

Tips for Running a Club Meeting

As club heads you might have started to have club meetings and for some of you, this may be your first time heading a club. Here are a few tips for having a successful planning meeting for an event. Before your meeting make an agenda of the things you would like to discuss with regards […]

Clubs, Clubs, Clubs

Congratulations to Club Heads on going through the budget process. Now its time to move on to the next step- Getting members to join your club! Tomorrow, September 18, 2013 will be Club Fair which will be held outside Kline on the walkway starting at 6 PM followed by Budget Forum at 8 PM on […]