Bardians can be Respectful Smokers too??


This past semester, students and faculty members have been brainstorming ways to show Bardians that smokers and non-smokers can live in peace and harmony. Spear-headed by Amii LeGendre along with representatives from Health and Counseling Services, the Respectful Smoking Campaign aims to show smokers on campus that their presence is indeed desired just not right in front of every main entrance on campus. 10926258_869416373109039_4232964551076285635_oThis campaign is part awareness and part urban design. Buttons with “Respect” were given to every student at check in. Informational posters, ironically designed like cigarette packs, are everywhere on campus explaining the 25 ft. NY state law,  community awareness, and respect for your fellow community members. Furthermore, blue picnic tables are going to be added near major entrance ways around campus such as the one current on the north side of the Campus Center. There will be signs designating these smoker friendly tables with the appropriate cigarette butt receptacles. The first day the Campus Center received their blue picnic table immediately smokers were naturally using this great new space. Everyone is happy! There are future plans for many more picnic tables, the possibility of covered areas, and even a smoking-free L&T campus!

Respectful Smoking Campaign: Will it work?

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Written by SPARC Event Planning Interns based on personal observations
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