There is no doubt about it but this campus is still buzzing about the excitement over the ISO (International Student Organization) Cultural Show. If you didn’t make it, you certainly did miss THE event of the year. The ISO Committee, all the performers, SoundCrew, and the MCs went above and beyond this year by making drastic changes to the organization of the Show. This year the Committee decided to completely scratch the intermission and simply power through the 2.5 hour show! Additionally, the after dinner was organized in a completely a different way and the number of rehearsals were even increased. How did these changes compare to years in the past? SPARC wants to know your thoughts!

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This show took dedication from all participants. From administration figures to SoundCrew, this event would have not been so successful if it was not a time honored tradition here at Bard. The success of this show also proved why it is such a highly attended and valued event. This year, there were almost 150 individual performers and the enormous camaraderie between them was seen both on and off the stage. There were even on-lookers who had to see the show from the outside of Olin through the large windows. This shows that when Bard students collaborate to accomplish something big, they set the bar and exceed it. The result is an amazingly entertaining show and many fire code violations.


And who is to blame for these violations: The ISO Committee because they put on an amazing show! Stay tuned for the official release of photos and videos from the Cultural Show on their Fb page here and be sure to tag them in your own Cultural Show pics on instagram: @iso.bard


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This past weekend, Bardians hailing from Suminski Inski to Sands House put on their best-kept wigs, acrylic face paint, and a few blood splattered cardboard cut outs to get into the wicked/spooky vibe. But isn’t Halloween for children to run around the darling houses of Red Hook and collect sweet treats from neighbors? Not at Bard: Halloween has reached a whole new level: evening reaching to a Spring Fling degree of attendance! (Thank you Freddie Gibbs) Every single night of the weekend (Wednesday at 4:20pm through Monday at 4:20am), Bardians were found celebrating the holy holiday through a plethora of events: movie screenings, fire shows, costume contests, pub nights, pumpkin carving, and live musical performances galore. Entertainment Committee hosted two amazing nights at SMOG, WXBC had a super successful SpookFest, Root Cellar has a very Noisey Saturday and there was even a collaborative Funkfest in DTR! SPARC literally ran out of space for all these amazing events hosted by students. Even “alternative” events were a big hit: from Edgar Allen Poe Readings to LARPing through Olin classrooms. A good time was had by all! It was an amazingly successful weekend for SPARC and the student body. But what exactly makes Bard students go crazy for Halloween? Share your thoughts through our new poll: 

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Not only was this one of the most eventful weekends at Bard this semester but it was also one of the safest. With all the worry about 9G no horrific instances were reported from the college (and thankfully no emails from Ken Cooper or Leon Botstein), that deserves a round of applause considering. So keep it up Bardians!


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