Tips for Running a Club Meeting

As club heads you might have started to have club meetings and for some of you, this may be your first time heading a club. Here are a few tips for having a successful planning meeting for an event.

Before your meeting make an agenda of the things you would like to discuss with regards to your event so that you don’t spend the meeting time trying to come up with points.

1) Send email/ text reminders a day before and or day of the meeting to the members of your club reminding them of the meeting time and place.

2) Once the meeting begins, do a quick check-in/ a fun ice-breaker activity with the members of your club. By doing an activity you will hopefully get everyone’s energy levels up and also bring in their focus to discuss the agenda.

3) Ask your club members to suggest ideas for the event such as what event you would like to have, possible theme, venue, date and time.

4) Discuss the components of your event and the logistics required to have those components happen.

5) Go to SPARC to reserve the location for the date and time that you would like to have your event and also get your event registered.

6) Finally delegate the responsibility of different tasks to members of the club

For example: If you want a DJ to perform at your event- has the DJ been contacted? Is a contract in place where you agreed on date, time and price? Have you taken the contract to Julie Duffstein or Brian Mateo in Student Activities for it to be reviewed? Has the DJ filled out a W-9  tax form?Have you submitted a check request (with the W-9 and contract attached) for payment a week ahead of when you need the check (check requests are due by Wednesday 5PM for checks needed 9 days after).

Will you need to go shopping to buy supplies for your event? Will you need to submit purchase orders for food? Have you thought about publicity -SPARC publicity interns need at least a week to prepare your posters.

By delegating different tasks you as the club head are not left with all the work and also the club members get to feel like they are taking an active role in the planning and execution of the event.

Each club meeting will look different depending on what the purpose of your club is but this is a guide to help you make your meeting environment more productive and also help you to use your meeting to plan an event.

For more tips click on the Club Resources tab on our website or stop by the SPARC office for a handout.

Keep planning the awesome events that make each weekend at Bard unique!