10 ways to beat the mid-semester slump

November is creeping up and you’ve got extra club money that you need to use. Or your one big party fell through and now you have nothing planned for the next two months. Or your meetings are getting smaller and smaller and you suspect no one is reading your emails.

Every club feels it: the mid-semester slump. There isn’t enough time to plan a big, expensive event (and in any case, most spaces have already been booked), but you really need something to put on the budget request come Spring. What’s a club to do? Read more

Club Spotlight: J Street U

J Street U is a national student club that advocates for a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict. It’s the university branch of J Street, a progressive lobby association on the hill that formed because of frustrations that other organizations were spending more time focusing on security issues than a two-state solution. Now, J Street U has groups in many universities across the nation.

Abby Lutsky and Sarah Stern are two of the three club heads of Bard’s J Street U group. With their third club head Jordan Cooper, they work together to facilitate discussion meetings and plan various types of events on campus. But both Abby and Sarah came to J Street U from different places. Read more

Club Spotlight: Pin-Up Appreciation Society

You may remember Galen from Bard LARPs. Along with her co-host Bella, she also runs the Pin-Up Appreciation Society. The two have been a tag team since the start of the semester, but that doesn’t mean they’re interested in all the same things. Bella’s interests lie mostly in pin-up while Galen tends to emphasize burlesque. As a result, the Pin-Up Appreciation Society is a mix of both: The name is Pin-Up, but the email is bardburlesque; they hold burlesque shows and sell pin-up calendars for fundraising.

“Where we find common ground is that we are a pro-beautiful, pro-being yourself and being beautiful group,” Galen explained. “We say that we’re pro-sex, but that’s not really it. It’s really pro-happiness and pro-contentment. It’s about being like, ‘you know what, whatever my body is it’s awesome and I’m gonna rock it.’ ” Read more

Club Spotlight: Bard LARPs

I talked to Galen Dorpalen, head of Bard LARPs, or as Galen said:

“I like calling it BLARPs. I think it’s hilarious as a name.”

For those of you who might not know, LARP stands for Live Action Role Play. It’s a combination of improvisation, play acting, and, sometimes, really awesome costumes.

Bard LARPs, or BLARPs, whichever you prefer, is starting its first semester at Bard. They’re looking to see where there is the most interest. But even among LARPing aficionados, that’s not an easy task. There are a lot of ways to have fun with LARPs, and a lot of things to run a LARP. Many people have strong opinions about what does and does not count as a LARP. The problem is finding a common ground that can speak to all shades of LARPers and generate common discussion. Read more