What We Do



Sound Crew is a student organization that provides sound equipment and staff for Bard student events.

What Sound Crew Does

Sound Crew provides sound equipment and sound reinforcement services for student events. In other words, we supply the speakers/microphones/mixers/etc as well as the people to run it, whether it’s a small poetry reading or an outdoor concert on the South Campus Quad

Equipment Sound Crew can provide:

? Speakers (both big and small)
? Monitors
? Mixing Boards
? Microphones
? Direct Input (DI) boxes
? Cables/Adapters

Sound Crew cannot provide

? Wireless microphones
? Turntables/DJ equipment
? Guitar amps
? Instruments
? 1/4” Cables (guitar cables)
? Power/Generators
How To Request Sound Crew Services

All events requiring amplified sound must be set up through SPARC. A SPARC intern will assist you in filling out a Sound Crew request. Sound Crew will then contact you to follow up and confirm details of the event. Requests MUST be received at least SEVEN DAYS before the event is to occur. You can also contact Sound Crew at any time by emailing us at soundcrew@bard.edu.

How Sound Crew Operates

Though we are technically a club and receive funding from the convocation fund in order to buy equipment, our members are employees of the Bard Audio/Visual Department and are paid by the school. Sound Crew provides services to Bard students and student organizations free of charge. Bard students or clubs can request Sound Crew as part of their event planning through SPARC. If Sound Crew agrees to work an event it is added to our calendar.

Once a week an email is sent out to all Sound Crew members with a list of the unstaffed events occurring in the current month and month following. Members may sign up to work events on a first-come first-served basis. There is no minimum or maximum number of events a Sound Crew member may work in a given semester.