Bard has a great international presence. In the early 80s, the first international student was admitted from Greece, and now around 30 years later about 20 percent of all students and faculty are international and represent 57 different countries.

During this short period of time in Bard’s history, the large international student body led to the formation of International Student Organization. In 2010, the club got officially recognized as a Chartered club.

Today, The International Student Organization seeks to represent and promote the interest of Bard students who come from a variety of cultures from around the world.  We also serves as a platform for international students to express their identity and contribute to the diversity in the bard community through many exciting events and activities.

Movie screenings, Contests, Culture Shows, Fairs, Parties, and Gatherings– This is just a glimpse of ISO’s contribution to Bard student life. By trying to expand, reach out and fulfill the interests of all the international students, the ISO constantly strives to accomplish the international experience at Bard.