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2014 Road Season

Hey everyone, welcome back!  We’re looking forward to an exciting spring racing season!  We’ll be bringing updates as soon as we get a budget, but here’s what’s happening until then:

  • Monday, February 3rd – Our first BCCT meeting for returning members!  We’ll be discussing what races we’ll be going to and what you want to see from us this season.  Anyone interested in racing this spring should attend!  We’re meeting at 6 pm in the bike co-op.
  • Wednesday, February 5th – At 5:30 pm we host an hour-long spin class in the Stevenson Gymnasium above the squash courts.  All are welcome to join.

Hope everyone had a great break and I can’t wait to get riding!  Happy cycling!

~ Eames

Bard Cycling Team now has official (super badass) jerseys! 

Army Spring Classic Results

Results are posted!  Congratulations to Team Bard on a fantastic weekend of racing!



Ride Schedule: April 15 to April 18

This week has some great group rides in the area.  These are highly recommended for riders who want to get experience riding in a pack.  Here are this week’s planned group ride:

  • Monday, April 15:  [Recovery] We will ride about 25 miles from the co-op at 5 pm.  Pace will be slow (15-16 mph).  This is a no-drop ride.  [2 hr]
  • Tuesday, April 16:  [Group] If the weather is good, there is a group ride leaving from the municipal parking lot in Rhinebeck at 6 pm.  Pace is on the lower end, usually 16-17 mph, and the group generally covers 20 to 30 miles.  If interested, please email me about transportation. [2 hr]
  • Wednesday, April 17:  [Group] Bike Brothers Ride!  This week, we’ll be on this side of the river leaving from the Rhinebeck Bicycle Shop at 5:30 pm.  Pace will be moderately high (18-19 mph) and we will ride between 30 and 40 miles.  This is a drop ride – if you fall off the back the group will not wait for you.  Rear lights are recommended for this ride.  I highly recommend riders familiar with the area try the Bike Brothers ride this week!  [2 hr]
  • Thursday, April 18:  [Group]  Deitz Ride leaves from Deitz Stadium in Kingston at 5:30 pm.  Pace is moderate, usually around 17.5 mph.  The ride is no-drop and we usually cover between 25 and 30 miles.  Please email me if you’re interested in joining so we can work out transportation.  [1.5 hr]

Don’t forget:  Meeting on Tuesday, April 16 at 7:30 pm in the co-op.  This should be a very brief meeting and attendance is encouraged!

Also, anyone interested in racing the RISD Debut next weekend must let me know if they are coming by Wednesday, April 17 by 5 pm.  We will leave Friday in the evening, race Saturday morning and be back at Bard in the early evening.




There are now results up from Grant’s Tomb and the Bard College Criterium! We will be posting soon on the results from the Army Spring Classic!

Go Bard!

Bard Cyling

Updates and Ride Schedule: April 6 and 7

Here are the weekend rides:

  • Saturday, April 6:  No ride planned.  Please let me know if you want to lead a group ride out of Bard.  If that happens, I will send out and update to the team.
  • Sunday, April 7:  [Endurance]  We will ride about 70 miles out of Bard.  There will be a decent amount of climbing, but the pace should settle around 16 mph average.  This is a no-drop ride and we will be taking breaks along the route.  Be sure to come prepared with food (Clif Bars or granola bars or bananas are recommended) and lots of water, as well as some money for snacks at gas stations/general stores.  We will be leaving promptly at 11:00 am from the co-op and the weather will be sunny and warm.  PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU WANT TO JOIN THIS RIDE.  I would like to get a head count before departure.  [4 hr]

Also remember that we have at least two more races coming up – Army Spring Classic on April 13/14 and the RISD Debut on April 20/21.  I’ll be sending out an email this weekend with details on this.



New Pictures Up!

Hey everyone!

Check out the gallery for awesome pictures from Grant’s Tomb Criterium- the team’s first race of the season!


Bard Cyling