Ride Schedule: April 3 to April 5

Hey all!  Welcome to the new website.  It’s not quite done yet, but we’ll finish it up soon.  Here’s this week’s ride schedule:

  • Wednesday, April 3:  [Group] Bike Brothers, Kingston.  This is a fast paced ride focusing on group riding techniques and V02 max intervals.  All attendees must have either a good knowledge of the roads around Kingston or a GPS capable phone.  Contact Eames if you’re interested in attending. [2 hours]
  • Thursday, April 4:  [FTP] Morton Hill/Rhinebeck.  The ride will leave at 12 pm sharp from the co-op and have two 20 minute FTP intervals.  18 to 19 mph pace, drop ride. [1.25 hours]
  • Friday, April 5:  [Climbing] Double Turkey.  We will be climbing Turkey Hill two or three times depending on interest and attendance.  This ride will leave from the co-op at 1:30 pm, 17 mph pace, no-drop.  [1.5 to 2 hours]

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