Haiti Jakmel Ekspresyon Exchange

Overview of Haiti Jakmel Ekspresyon Exchange

The Haiti Jakmel Ekspresyon Exchange is a student-driven partnership with a community center in Jakmel, Haiti. The project facilitates development within the local community by providing the center with STEAM courses taught by Bard students. On a deeper level, the project is a cultural exchange that encourages the empowerment of both Bard and JE students alike. Every July and sometimes during the winter intersession, a small group of Bard students travel to Jakmel to lead courses in partnership with the local politicians, students, professors, and city developers. Summer '18 held courses on data mapping with topics that ranged from HIV/AIDS rates, to water justice and quality. The most important value of this project is that these topics are chosen by the Haitian students themselves, and these classes are designed to give the teachers in Haiti lesson plans that they could then teach as well. By placing the power of data back into the hands of the people, JE students can effectively address and inform the community of the needs of the city and surrounding towns, without relying on foreign aid and NGOs.

Club Officers

Alexus Foster