Alternative History Club

Overview of Alternative History Club

American Writer Martha Beck said, "Every day brings new choices." Up until now, Up until now, every choice different people have made led to different results, which we call "history." What could we learn from looking back on these different results?

The Alternative History Club is a community of students and faculty advisers who revisit different choices that our past and contemporary generations have made through various means such as putting historical figures on a mock trial, answering the question "What if this ever or not happened" in either a magazine or a blog post, and inviting local historians and other community members with a passion for history to offer different perspectives on the historical choices that formed our current society.

Life is about making choices. Everyone who has ever existed has had to make choices and accept the consequences, no matter what they were. And everyone has asked themselves at one time or another, "what would be different had they made a different choice?"

Club Officers

Jonas Park
Jerzy Sylvester