Dream Big

Overview of Dream Big

Do you hustle and grind to be more than you are? Do you struggle to achieve and also to dream? Do you ever think on your way to the top that this would all be a little easier if I were surrounded by people like me?. People I could share my ambitions, my strategies, and my plans. For the longest time, I have been waiting for a group of super productive, amazing, super people to swoop me in their arms and help me be great. So I thought why don’t we make this group on campus. A group of people who are there for eachother to do more. Where people can talk about daily habits, biographies of the greatest minds, and support each other. We'll help each other with any of your goals to the biggest to the smallest or the most practical to the most unrealistic. People who will support your dreams of backflips or traveling the world. With focuses on improving yourself through reading and learning, fitness and health, volunteering and service, and working ourselves. This is not a place for those who are content and are satisfied with satisfactory. It is for those people who reach for the stars.

Club Officers

Robert Clower
Ryan Fang