Chinese Calligraphy Club

Overview of Chinese Calligraphy Club

The Chinese Calligraphy club aims at providing a new way for people having different cultural backgrounds to deeply understand Chinese art and culture. First, we will introduce the evolution of Chinese characters, like how the oracle bone scripts transform into regular scripts. Since there are six styles of Chinese calligraphy, the next step for us is to help people to understand how to appreciate the beauty of Chinese calligraphy and learn to criticize it. There is no doubt that people can know more about Chinese aesthetics from this process. The last but not the least, we encourage people who have no basic knowledge of it to learn this unique art. We will offer a few practice classes every week, teaching basic strokes and well-known scripts. By using brush and ink by themselves, people can truly understand this art form and Chinese culture which is what calligraphy rooted in. We hope this club can introduce Chinese calligraphy to Bard students and faculty, look at Chinese culture through the lens of calligraphy, and bring Bard more cultural diversity.

Club Officers

Wendy Liang