The Nebula Project

Overview of The Nebula Project

Bard is a place for thinking and creativity, and it is home to many artistic and innovative minds. The Nebula Project is an art collaborative that would provide a platform to showcase a diversity of Artforms and create a more connected art scene and community at Bard.

A team composed of representatives from all classes, and led by a designated and elected senior would organize monthly events with the intent of networking and bringing the creative minds of Bard together.

The Nebula Project would give students a place to share their passion with others. We would start by organizing a monthly 1-2 hour event: during the first half of the event, a host would showcase a live performance, ie Art projected on walls, live music, Film, Dance, Performance art….and the second half would be divided into 5 minute time slots; a speed dating type activity for the participants to either talk about the content, or about their creative Ideas.

Examples of some events could be:
Analytical screening of 5 creative music videos
The use of video in Installation Art
Screening of The Wall by Pink Floyd
The 5 best art collections of in NYC

One of the long-term goals would be for The Nebula Project is to become a student group that would help organize artistic events for students who would like support (i.e: Organize a fashion show, a photography exhibition, a surprise performance...etc), an artistic resource center for our community.

A Nebula is a cloud of interstellar gas and dust, creating many wonderful colors, from which stars and planets are created.

Come to one of our events and become apart of The Nebula Project.