The Nebula Project

Overview of The Nebula Project

Bard is a place for thinking and creativity, and it is home to many artistic and innovative minds. The Nebula Project is an art collaborative that would provide a platform to showcase a diversity of Artforms and create a more connected art scene and community at Bard.

A team composed of representatives from all classes, and led by a designated and elected senior would organize monthly events with the intent of networking and bringing the creative minds of Bard together.

The Nebula Project would give students a place to share their passion with others. We would start by organizing a monthly 1-2 hour event: during the first half of the event, a host would showcase a live performance, ie Art projected on walls, live music, Film, Dance, Performance art….and the second half would be divided into 5 minute time slots; a speed dating type activity for the participants to either talk about the content, or about their creative Ideas.

Examples of some events could be:
Analytical screening of 5 creative music videos
The use of video in Installation Art
Screening of The Wall by Pink Floyd
The 5 best art collections of in NYC

One of the long-term goals would be for The Nebula Project is to become a student group that would help organize artistic events for students who would like support (i.e: Organize a fashion show, a photography exhibition, a surprise performance...etc), an artistic resource center for our community.

A Nebula is a cloud of interstellar gas and dust, creating many wonderful colors, from which stars and planets are created.

Come to one of our events and become apart of The Nebula Project.

Club Officers

Matice Maino