Bard Mountaineers

Overview of Bard Mountaineers

For all hikers, nature enthusiasts, or adventurous people. Hiking difficulty will vary greatly to accommodate participants' experience levels and access to equipment (friends don't let friends hike in jeans!). We will mostly be hiking in the Catskills, but trips to the Adirondacks, Berkshires, Poconos, Green Mountains, etc. could be planned for the future. See you on the trail! :)

Club Officers

Abigail Avital
Hanna Guendel

Additional Members

Julianne Arnold, Jasper Francis, Olivia Cucina, Jane Colon-Bonet, Rain Taylor, Cheyenne Conti, Sophia Lopez, William Rollinson, Ellie Zimmerman, Isabella Jones, Caitlin Hamilton, Akiva Hirsch, Hector Prud'homme, Abby Townend, Rachel Hodes, Lev Spielberg,