The Wild Underground Collective For Interwoven Roots

Overview of The Wild Underground Collective For Interwoven Roots

Here at the Wild Underground we are interdisciplinary and all inclusive. What does it mean to heal and how does that change depending on our cultural backgrounds and what does it mean to be a healer? We believe that everyone and everything has the capability to be healing, it’s only a matter of intention. We focus on all things related to various forms of healing, ritual/ceremony, herbal medicine, self-care, community, food as medicine, art collaboration of all forms(dance, music, visual, multimedia, performance...), and learning/sharing about our cultural heritage roots, as people are becoming more diverse as blood continues to mix and our cultures continue to meld and form new ones. We hold workshops and foraging walks and are currently working on establishing an herbal apothecary at Bard as well as hiring a Bard herbalist as we already have a Bard Acupuncturist. We also aim to get Bard students more connected to the land we are living on and around during these 4 years. There is a lot to learn from the natural environment that surrounds this campus and we want to connect students to all that it has to offer and nurture this form of connecting with the earth that we can take on throughout our lives beyond Bard. For now we are gaining power from student motivation and contributions and we hope to grow much larger. We also work closely with Bard Eats and the teaching kitchen and through this we teach herbal medicine, food as medicine, and various forms of cooking classes. We also work alongside the community garden and harvesting justice. We hope to collaborate with many clubs and communities at Bard this semester and provide a unique space where everyone feels welcome, comfortable, and able to voice their own ideas no matter who they are, where they come from, and what they identify as and with. We also want to help students set up workshops to teach whatever they are passionate and knowledgeable about to the general Bard community, as it loosely fits in with our Collective's mission, because we all can be teachers and we all can be students, just as we all can heal and be healed. We think that there isn't a very good system in place for this to happen but we intend to help develop and nurture this better at Bard. In addition to student run workshops, we will be inviting various people from outside the Bard Community to hold workshops and gatherings on a wide variety of things so check out our facebook page for details of what is to come. We encompass a lot and we are going to continue to morph as people push us in the directions that this community needs. We defy boundaries in every dimension, we are the Wild Underground Collective For Interwoven Roots.