Playing For Friends

Overview of Playing For Friends

A club, consisting of Conservatory and music students, that will meet every week for mock performances or studio classes, regardless of the student’s instrument. This will mainly be for students whose teacher's studios do not have already existing, weekly classes, and also those students that would like to get the experience of regularly performing in front of their peers (without a professor) in an informal, supportive setting, to get friendly and helpful feedback. Students can play the same piece multiple weeks in a row, as well as small fragments of a piece, depending on what they feel comfortable.

Music, alongside food will create an inclusive and fun atmosphere for all students, no matter what level they are at. In addition, it will help students prepare for upcoming performances and professional auditions on and off campus. Occasionally guest artists and professors will come for lectures on performance strategies and techniques, though mostly the club will be operated by the students. This will help students gain leadership skills as well as the ability to communicate effectively — providing constructive critique for their peers as well as listening thoughtfully to others’ criticism. Ultimately, these skills will benefit them later on in their careers, especially when teaching.