N.U.A /Non-Silent Action

Overview of N.U.A /Non-Silent Action

A group that invites new artists, performers, musicians, film makers and activists to come to Bard to share their work with the community. Centered on underground, or independently oriented artists who create accessible work on the basis of the art, not profit, we give students the chance to meet and show work alongside working artists and bard alum. This club will create support for those who don't have corporate or other big money backing and give space on campus for new and current art that students and other community members might not be exposed to otherwise. This semester we plan to work more with student and community activists and socially oriented artists to blend fun and seriousness. We will have events in places that are more public and not traditional concert venues/times.

Club Officers

Callan Fish
Coco Goupil

Additional Members

Raffi Kelly, Olivia Soussan, Lily Lasher, Sebastian Lowe, Coco Goupil, Suki Sekula, Quentin Lundstedt, +more