creative resistance

Overview of creative resistance

creat(i)ve (resist)ance is a trauma informed identity-centered art collective. With chapters in both New York and Nashville, group leaders will collaborate on curriculum pieces and workshop ideas, but will operate with autonomy to meet the needs of the specific communities they belong to. The organizers plan on a number of initiatives. The first is to help community members engage in practices of reflection, through facilitated art projects, including songwriting, poetry, dance, collage, theatre activities, and hands on crafts. We hope to have identity-based productions and art expos, including pieces like Queer Bathroom Stories and the Race Monologues. We can possibly create an informal social group to visit and support local artists. We also hope to develop a collection of workshops that utilize various artistic mediums to explores issues of identity, oppression, revolution, empowerment, transformation, the self and trauma. We hope to facilitate these workshops at various conferences, and for and with businesses, organizations, clubs, and institutions. Starting locally, we hope to grow to work with various populations, including the homeless, the elderly, veterans, youth, insiders, people of faith, people of color, and queer folks. Informed by pedagogy of the oppressed, critical social justice theories, theatre of the oppressed practices, and identity development best practices, we hope to uplift the arts as a productive and inclusive medium for expression, reflection, and healing.