Race Monologues

Overview of Race Monologues

The Race Monologues will serve as a platform for expression for students on and off Bard's campus. As a WOC and POC on this campus, there is not a day that my race/identity/ethnicity does not present itself whether implicit or within interactions. In the past, the Race Monologues have been a space of inclusivity for Bard students to engage how they confront race or conversely, how race confronts them (or does not). At this predominantly white institution or PWI, it seems many forget that there are those that do not always have "safe spaces" or outlets for their expression or pain to be released -- whether through creative means or otherwise.

I wish to open this to POC in neighboring communities, especially high-school students in Kingston and Hudson, which is where many of you can be of help. Often times, these students are not validated in these white spaces or even expected to aim for a school "like Bard" and I want to deconstruct these fallacies. Regardless of if these students decide to participate or not, I would like them to have the space to come and experience being around POC in higher education as a reflection of their potential having no bounds.