Brothers At Bard

Overview of Brothers At Bard

Brothers at Bard is both an outreach TLS program focused on the mentorship and character development of young men of color from underserved backgrounds and
communities, as well as an on­campus club devoted to spreading awareness on racial
issues and positively impacting campus life for all Bard students. Our TLS program targets high school boys of color from Kingston, New York. The project is made up by active members of the BAB Club members on campus. The members on campus play the role of “big brothers,” or mentors to the young men in high school. As a collective, we travel to the schools these students attend and run workshops for them. The project promotes academic excellence and college readiness through exposure to Bard’s campus, student body, and events coordinated for the cohort. BAB also helps its members on campus deal with any issues they might have by providing a support network. The objective is to create a safe space and brotherhood circle amongst the students that will serve as a cultivating atmosphere for character and identity development. On campus as a club, BAB aims to not only inform the rest of the student body and raise awareness about the issues men of color face, but also organize events for all of campus life to enjoy and engage in. These events range from informative movie screenings, to parties and other recreational activities.

Club Officers

Rakim Griffin
Angel Obergh