Annandale Folk Music Association (AFMA)

Overview of Annandale Folk Music Association (AFMA)

The Annandale Folk Music Association (AFMA) is a club dedicated to creating a space for people to gather and share music, whether or not they consider themselves musicians. By folk music we mean music rooted in the culture of a nation or region, e.g. North America and its constituent cultural groups. This kind of music was traditionally passed down through oral tradition, but is now often encountered in the form of performances or recordings.

While the folk association provides a space for performance, that is not our emphasis. We are most interested in creating an environment for free sharing of music without any pressure to impress or render one's music

Club Officers

Additional Members

Flannery Brown, Justin Geyer, Connor McDermott, Henry Cabot, Alex D'Alisera, Jonathan Mildner, etc.