Annandale Metafolk Society (AMS)

Overview of Annandale Metafolk Society (AMS)

The Annandale Metafolk Society(AMS) is dedicated to promoting the creation and appreciation of the genre of music commonly referred to as folk music, as well as its many offshoots and cross-fertilizations with other genres. Just as metaphysics simultaneously encompasses and transcends physics, the neologism "metafolk" implies a category that simultaneously encompasses and transcends folk music. To use the metaphor of a tree, we are concerned with both its branches (Bluegrass, Country, Blues, and virtually all of popular music) and the roots (the collective memories, struggles, dreams and imaginations of the common people, transmitted from generation to generation through a living oral tradition). Whereas other clubs may be devoted to particular traditions, the AMS seeks to free itself from temporal and spatial limitations to allow for the unrestricted and spontaneous expression of the creative impulse that animates our music and constitutes the ground from which it springs. We welcome to our gatherings anyone who has a love of folk music and a desire to share that love with others.