Bard Powerlifting

Overview of Bard Powerlifting

Bard Powerlifting seeks to educate and promote the sports of Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting on Bard’s Campus. Weightlifting is often seen as an elite sport pursued only by the most extreme athletes, but this is an unfortunate misconception. Any healthy, fitness-minded person, male or female, can benefit from learning the powerlifting and olympic lifts. These lifts are a staple in all athletic programming that, when learned with correct technique and performed with good form, will provide an efficient path to fitness unparalleled by many other plans. Bard Powerlifting hopes to provide training and funding to Bard athletes who wish to train and compete in powerlifting.

We plan to meet once per week in the weight room for an hour session to teach or improve proper form. Beginners and advanced are welcome.