Bard Emergency Medical Services EMS

Overview of Bard Emergency Medical Services EMS

In the years prior to 1990, Bard Emergency Medical Services consisted of Andy Malloy. Andy was a Bard student from Maine who was certified as an EMT in high school and joined Red Hook EMS when he came to Bard. He conveniently lived in a dorm next to Bard Security, who would drag Andy to all of their calls, willing, unwilling, or sleeping.

Bard EMS began to coalesce in the fall of 1989, when Andy Malloy and Matt Becker, both Bard students, arranged for an instructor to teach a first responder class during the fall of 1990. David Ames, who arrived as a freshman to Bard certified as a paramedic, helped organize a cohesive squad. They took over a storage room in the basement of Albey and used it as a makeshift office.

The new EMS squad started off with only basic equipment: a few hard plastic jump boxes and decent radios.

When Andy, Matt, and David graduated, a number of dedicated students picked up the slack and continued to organize and refine Bard EMS.

Today, the squad is entirely student funded and run. Bard EMS receives its semesterly budget from the Bard Convocation Fund, as decided by the Bard student population and the Fiscal Committee.

Bard College Emergency Medical Services (BEMS) is a Certified First Responder unit which responds to any accident or medical emergency in Annandale-on-Hudson, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, during the spring and fall semesters. Within the above parameters, BEMS will render aid to anyone who requests it.

The Duties of BEMS are threefold:
To stabilize and package critical, unstable, or potentially unstable patients (as defined by New York State BLS Protocols [see 3.A]) for transport by ambulance.
To render emergency aid to stable patients (as defined by New York State BLS Protocols [see 3.A]) who need prompt hospital care, and arrange transport to an appropriate care facility.
To render minor interim aid to patients who refuse transport during the hours when Bard Student Health Services is closed.

Club Officers

Lauren Nelson