Overview of Joanie4Jackie

In 2003 video/performance artist Miranda July handed over her video-chainletter project Joanie4Jackie to Bard College. The archive is composed of 200+ videos, fanmail, posters, ephemera, etc. Since the physical archive was moved to California last year, we will no longer be preserving it. However, we will continue the legacy of empowering women to be active filmmakers and extend this further to include people of color and gender nonconforming people.
Joanie4Jackie aims to empower these filmmakers who are painfully under and misrepresented in the film industry. We accomplish this by screening films created by people who are apart of marginalized groups or films that explore storylines that depart from the eurocentric and male perspective. We will also have a production component, discussing topics on campus such as the racial divide, gender issues, and other social issues the club deems crucial for discussion on Bard’s campus in a productive way. Due to the collaborative nature of film, Joanie4Jackie will also be a platform not only for filmmakers, but for women, POC, and gender nonconforming creatives to congregate and create a dynamic and lively space to explore all art forms and comprise them into original and visually stunning films. The club will also host events and Q&A’s to facilitate much needed discussions among the student body, especially at a PWI. We will also fundraise for social issues that are meaningful to members of the club. We will explore these topics with great sensitivity and aim to be a bustling and fun community for all creatives!