Overview of Joanie4Jackie

In 2003 video/performance artist Miranda July handed over her video-chainletter project Joanie4Jackie to Bard College! Bard has a phenomenal archive of this project which started in 1995. Currently the archive (full of 200+ videos, fanmail, posters, ephemera, etc) is a mess and we need to find ways to preserve and maintain the fantastic materials in this archive. The archive is part of the Film and Electronic Arts Program.

Since the physical archive was moved to California last year, we will be not longer preserving it. However, we will continue to have visiting artists, with film screenings, Q&A's and other events, including a monthly screening of Joanie4Jackie chain letters. We will also continue to maintain a blog we started last semester, the website displays videos by former and present female bard filmmakers.

Club Officers

Lauren Cooke
Sadie Schiffman-Eller

Additional Members