Bard College’s Change in Action program will engage participants in a process that challenges them to develop consciousness of self, other, and the collective.  Following the Social Change Model of Leadership, which is grounded in the development of specific skills, this program strives to empower participants to become effective change agents.

Program Components

Alumni/ae Speaker Series

Change in Action works closely with the Alumni/ae Affairs Office to identify Bard alumni/ae who have been successful in various ways.  We then invite them to share their stories with the community about how they have used various leadership skills and techniques to aid in their accomplishments.


Stress2Success is our annual leadership mini-conference that takes place in the beginning of the Spring semester.  The conference consists of an afternoon of activities and workshops designed to improve collaboration and build skills among student leaders.

Spring Workshop Schedule

This workshop series consists of three tracks, each of which explores leadership at a different level: Individual, Group, and Society.  Each track contains a set of workshops centered around the Seven Values of the Social Change Model of Leadership.  Students can participate in the program by attending any or all workshops that are offered.  Certificates of Participation and Certificates of Completion are awarded to students, depending on the level of participation they have shown.  Workshops are typically 1-hour long interactive sessions facilitated by students, staff, and faculty.

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