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Visit to Bard College

Every year we sponsor and plan a trip to Bard College. We plan it well in advance, usually on a Friday or Saturday, drive to the Hudson Areal Library and meet students there for pick up. Then we drive back to campus and get lunch. From there, we split into smaller groups, usually 1-2 mentees per mentor and and visit different parts of the campus. Because we understand that different students have different interests, we can pair them with a mentor that may have similar interests as them and show them places on campus that will spark their interests and curiosity. Here are a few images taken last year at Blithewood, our campus patio space that overlooks the Hudson River:

Albany Museum Field Trip

The Building Up Team understands very firmly the importance of experience, so we take the time to plan out field trips for the students of Hudson. Last year we took students on a field trip to the Albany Museum, here are some of the photos:

The Program

As of now, the Building Up Hudson Program has 8 volunteer college student mentors, and has raised about $300 in funds for the Building Up Scholarship. We are also in the process of planning a great field trip for Hudson Jr. High students to Bard College, where many of them will be getting a first hand look at a college campus. We will show them many of the campus facilities, housing, and  departments so that they can get a full experience of what college has to offer. Please continue to check this NEWS page for updates.