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Bard Student Government
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Within the Bard Student Government, the Central Assembly is made up of: the Speaker of the Student Body, the chairs of the Student Life, Fiscal, Educational Policies, and Multicultural Diversity committees, the Peer Review and Student Judiciary Board chairs, and the Treasurer. The Student Government aids in accessing the campus climate, discussing curricular and training concerns within the College, and simply supporting the student body as holistically as possible. 
Student Government Committees
Speaker of the Student Body

The Speaker of the Student Body is the Executive Chair of the Central Assembly. The Speaker serves as the intermediary between the student body and the administration. The Speaker additionally oversees the functions of the Bard Student Government, and will keep the student body abreast of the affairs of the college. The Speaker shall serve as the hub for all BSG functions, aiding students and administrators by directing them to the appropriate BSG members. The Speaker shall coordinate and facilitate meetings for the Central Assembly, and will communicate their agenda to students. The Speaker finally serves as the representative to the Board of Trustees, in conjunction with the Chair of the Student Life Committee.

Fiscal Committee

The Fiscal Committee allocates funds to the Student Body amongst the student organizations. The Fiscal Committee presents a finalized budget at the Budget Forum for review by the Student Body. We look forward to helping student organizations receive the money they need to make all of their wonderful events happen!

Student Life Committee

The Student Life Committee meets weekly to strategize ways of improving student life. The issues we focus on have ranged from providing more water filters to better communication methods to transportation. We are open to any ideas for improvement posed by a student, and all our meetings are open to everyone. In the past, the committee spearheaded the switch to quarter-free laundry, provided a coffee machine in the library, extended library hours during midterms, and coordinated the dish return system in all dorms.

Student Judiciary Board

The Student Judiciary Board (SJB) is one of the two conduct boards on campus that hears cases regarding violations of College policies and regulations. However, whereas the Peer Review Board (PRB) typically hears cases that involve minor infractions, the SJB hears cases that involve more nuanced infractions, with students that have extensive conduct histories. In terms of committee composition, the SJB is comprised of student, faculty, and administrative members that are selected by the chair vis a vis an application process.

Peer Review Board

The Peer Review Board (PRB) is one of the two student conduct boards on campus. The Board is comprised of the Chair of PRB, of 5-6 students, and 1 silent advisor who has no say in the hearing. On a typical board, there is the Chair, three student members, and the silent advisor. The PRB typically handles smaller or first-time infractions. Where cases go, PRB or SJB, is determined by a conglomerate of administrators from DOSA and ResLife. PRB operates within a restorative justice model, attempting to help any negative community impact through a variety of options such as restitution hours, conversations with community members, and creative programing.


The Treasurer of the Student Body logs and processes all expenses and submits all approved budget requests to the Office of Student Activities. The Treasurer, along with other Central Assembly members and the Director of Student Activities, assesses the state of club spending and devises an appropriate way to hold clubs accountable for their spending. The treasurer serves in the Charter Club Review Committee and is a nonvoting member of the Fiscal Committee.

Multicultural Diversity Committee

The Multicultural Diversity Committee (MDC) strives to improve Bard’s inclusivity on and off campus. We hold retreats/workshops at least once a semester and bi-monthly meetings with all of the charter club heads on campus. These workshops and meetings are used to access the campus climate, as well as create a closer, more collaborative environment between the charter/affinity clubs on campus. Our main goal as the MDC is to make sure all identities and groups of people feels welcome and accepted at Bard, if not, we will take the appropriate action to fix any problems that may come about.

Educational Policies Committee

The Educational Policies Committee (EPC) shall serve as the chief liaison between students and faculty on academic issues and curriculum changes. We are responsible for formalizing student opinion in the faculty evaluation process for non-tenure track, tenure track, and reappointment evaluations; as well as evaluate academic programs at the college based on the expressed concerns of students. We also correspond with faculty search committees in order to ensure adequate student power in the hiring of new faculty members.

Committee Chairs
Jazondré Gibbs
Jakir Hossain
Student Life Chair
Jadyn Gray-Hough
Fiscal Committee Chair
Ava Mazzye
Chase Williams
Student Judiciary Chair
Amber Junker
Peer Review Board Chair
Jazlyn Johnson
Multi-Cultural Diversity Chair
Justyn Diaz
Educational Policies Chair
Student Government Documents


The Student Government Constitution is a document which guides the processes of the Bard Student Government. It provides explanations of the responsibilities and roles of each Committee and its respective chair.


The Bylaws of the Student Government Constitution are additional ordinances which guide the procedures of the Bard Student Government.