A New Era of Media: The Female Gaze

MAEVE LAZOR, CO-EDITOR IN CHIEF | MARCH 13, 2017 An inside look at third wave Instagram-feminism and reclaiming the Male gaze. Featured interview with Bard student Eliza Mozer. French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan theorized that man first achieves a sense of mastery [...]

Media, Truth, and Trump: What the Absence of Fact Does to Democracy

JOHANNA M. COSTIGAN, CO-EDITOR IN CHIEF | SATURDAY, MARCH 4, 2017 When Martin Luther wanted to spread his message during the Protestant Reformation, he and his supporters circulated pamphlets with text and images characterizing the Catholic Church as malicious, greedy, [...]

What Do You Know About Aleppo and Syria’s Civil War?

Photo by Galip Dalay/ Al Jazeera. Dec. 23, 2016 Many are volunteering and providing humanitarian relief in Aleppo and other war-torn cities in Syria to help refugees…The least students can do is read the news. NICK JEBSON, OPINION EDITOR | [...]

New York Times: American Universities Must Take a Stand

 LEON BOTSTEIN | ON CAMPUS | FEB. 8, 2017 Not since the era of witch hunts and “red baiting” has the American university faced so great a threat from government. How is the university to function when a president’s administration blurs the [...]

Bard Students React to US Appeals Court Phone Call

MAEVE LAZOR, CO-EDITOR IN CHIEF | FEBRUARY 8, 2017 Trump’s immigration executive order has shaken the world since it has been issued, causing chaos at airports–especially JFK last Saturday, January 28–civil unrest and an increased Islamophobic attitude among many Americans. [...]

Resisting Racism: Addressing Trump’s Immigration Ban One College at a Time

ZOE ROHRICH, FEATURES EDITOR | FEBRUARY 6, 2017 Despite moments of chaos and uncertainty for some following President Trump’s immigration executive order, otherwise known as the “Muslim ban,” university and college presidents across the U.S. took stands ensuring safety for [...]

President Duterte: A Perfect Example of Why President Trump’s Character Matters

ZOE ROHRICH, FEATURES EDITOR | FEBRUARY 2, 2017 Those grappling over whether Donald Trump’s questionable character will play a sizeable role in the White House throughout the next four years should look no further, surprisingly, than the Philippines, to witness an [...]

Medicated Motivation: Downsides of the Cultural Push Towards ADHD Pills

BY SAM COPELAND, NEWS EDITOR | February 3, 2017 When I was a teenager I got tricked into taking an IQ test. I had told my parents that I thought IQ scores were bullshit and that even if they weren’t [...]

Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration Is Unconstitutional

MAEVE LAZOR, CO-EDITOR IN CHIEF | January 30, 2017 In a statement on Monday, President Trump claimed that his temporary immigration executive order was not a “Muslim ban.” When he began campaigning in 2015, he called for a “total and [...]

Politicization of the Pussy: Women’s March Rhetoric Defies Politeness and Demands Equality

JOHANNA M. COSTIGAN, CO-EDITOR IN CHIEF | January 22, 2017 Even on 16th street, a thirty minute walk from the start of the Women’s March on Washington, it was clear that we were the majority. At a pussy-hat-packed coffee shop, [...]

Wake Up Liberals

NICK JEBSON, OPINION EDITOR | January 22, 2017 It has been said that the fundamental difference between liberals and conservatives are their diverging attitudes toward human nature: liberals tend to view people as inherently good, whereas conservatives believe that humans [...]

Trumpism as a National Battle and a Personal Nightmare

ANONYMOUS | January 17, 2017 To me, hell is a Radisson Blu hotel room. It’s July and I’m waking in a place I don’t recognize. As I put the pieces together, I start to fall apart. I was living in [...]

Female Journalists Take Different Career Trajectory than Male Counterparts

MAEVE LAZOR, CO-EDITOR IN CHIEF | December 15, 2016 Everyone knows it is a difficult feat for women to break the glass ceiling. Time and time again, men who are less qualified and less experienced are chosen over their female [...]

Safe Spaces More Important Than Ever as Minorities are Treated as Second-Class Citizens in Wake of Trump Election, Part II

MAEVE LAZOR, CO-EDITOR IN CHIEF | DECEMBER 10, 2016 In my recent op-Ed, “Safe spaces more important than ever as minorities are treated as second-class citizens in wake of Trump Election, Part I,” I took aim at the “us” versus [...]

Safe Spaces More Important Than Ever as Minorities are Treated as Second-Class Citizens in Wake of Trump Election, Part I

MAEVE LAZOR, CO-EDITOR IN CHIEF | DEC 8, 2016 “Stop it,” president-elect Donald Trump on November 13, 2016 in a 60-minute interview, said, calling out those who were committing hate-crimes in his name. Before the interview about the violent acts [...]

Tackling the Trek: Party Safely at Bard

JOHANNA M. COSTIGAN, CO-EDITOR IN CHIEF | DEC. 4. 2016 At Bard, a night out can be as likely to cause logistical complexity as it is to trigger social anxiety. Getting from a pregame in Robbins to a party in [...]

Where Do We Go From Here?

NICK JEBSEN, OPINIONS EDITOR | NOVEMBER 20, 2016 When I voted for Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, November 8th,  I felt like I was doing something infallible. I was almost positive that she would win, and that her presidency–regardless of any [...]

Letter to the Editor: Political Diversity on Campus

ADEL ELKAFAS | NOVEMBER 17, 2016 I understand that there is a lot of negativity about Trump around campus at Bard, and I would like to express my view on the candidate. It is clear that Bard is predominantly Liberal, [...]

Trump and the Power of Language

JOHANNA M. COSTIGAN, CO-EDITOR IN CHIEF | NOVEMBER 10, 2016 “But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.” ― George Orwell, 1984 In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s victory, many mourners view the results not simply with regret towards [...]

Administration Mishandles Sexual Harassment Case

SAM COPELAND, NEWS EDITOR | NOVEMBER 1, 2016 All of the events in this article were described to me by first hand witnesses. The names of the students involved have been altered or left out at their request. It was [...]

A Road That Elicits More Fear Than Rage

JOHANNA M. COSTIGAN, CO-EDITOR IN CHIEF | NOVEMBER 22, 2016 9G is dangerous. Considering its accident history, its reputation as a danger zone appears well-deserved. […]

Putin and Russian Civilians Invested in U.S. Election for Different Reasons

ZOE ROHRICH, STAFF WRITER | SEPTEMBER 26, 2016 This year, not only is the U.S. presidential election being closely followed by those here in the United States, but it is also drawing attention across borders, including interest from Russian civilians [...]