Anti-Defamation League Condemns Treatment of Hannah Arendt’s Grave


On February 21st Jonathan Greenblatt of the Anti Defamation League issued a statement condemning the treatment of Hannah Arendt’s grave at Bard College saying, “Hannah Arendt was a great Jewish scholar and survivor of the Holocaust. The fact that college students are putting their breasts on the grave and conducting mock-seances is an utter disgrace.”

The student response has been mixed. One Bard student, who wished to remain anonymous, commented, “Mr. Greenblatt is operating as an outside observer on a matrix of praxes that he is ill-equipped to navigate. By attempting to map the social ontologies of his sittlichkeit onto ours he is establishing a poisoning dialectic of mutual otherization. I mean, who does it hurt to snort some crushed xannies off of a grave anyway?”

The administration has yet to produce an official response to the condemnation, although President Botstein gave us his thoughts via email: “didnt that lady bone heidegger? he was a nazi lol.”

These events do not seem to have impacted campus life significantly. At 2:30 PM EST a group of sophomores were reportedly seen at the gravesite praying for good grades on their Eichmann in Jerusalem papers.

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