Hello! from the Bard College Student Chapter of the American Chemical Society. This is our OFFICIAL website which will give you lots of information on who we are as Bardian Chemists! Our group is new, but excited and we already have a lot going for us!

Our Bard ACS Chapter was formed in Spring 2011 by Madison Fletcher and Yi (Brian) Liu to fill the gap in our social and outreach events in our chemistry department. While we didn’t fully get off our feet until the Spring semester of 2012, we have many new and young members excited about keeping this group alive!

BSD Oct ’11: Atomic Flame Emmission & Strawberry DNA Extraction

In June of 2011, we were awarded an Innovative Activity Grant for our project “Bridging the Gap: Getting 8th Graders Interested in Science”. We hosted 150 8th grade students over two days in October to participate in hands-on math and science activities designed to get them excited about science. In January through February 2012 we sponsored “Mentoring Mingles,” which paired mentoring Bard students with the same 8th grade students on their science projects. Finally, volunteers visited the school for “Fourth Friday Talks” to give short lectures on interesting topics related to what they were learning in school. Talks included a student’s work in Antarctica, the doppler effect & the expansion of the universe, and atomic & nuclear structure.

We look forward to continuing this relationship with our local middle school as well as branching out to other local schools to keep the years to come interested and excited about science. More detailed posts on the logistics of our Bard Science Days will be coming out soon so keep an eye out for some Science Outreach tips as well as more news about our other events!

In September of 2012, we were awarded the Honorable Mention Chapter Award for Bard College American Chemical Society 2011-2012 activities. We are very happy about it.

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