Madeleine Breshears, Graduating Chapter President

Silvie Lundgren & Cecily Rosenbaum, Co-Presidents

Dr. Chris LaFratta, Faculty Adviser


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Olja Simoska, Chapter President

Olja Simoska, a senior from Macedonia, is the President of the Bard Chapter of the American Chemical Society. Olja has been part of Chris LaFratta’s research lab since her freshman year. This opportunity is a precious experience because she believes that science is best learned through the experience of doing research. She has been working on a microfabrication technique, known as direct laser writing to create lab-on-a-chip platforms with sub-micron features. She is currently working on synthesizing interesting photoinitiators. She has also been actively involved in science outreach with local middle schools and is the TLS Leader of the Bard Science Outreach Project. Olja loves spending time in the labs, and she REALLY loves chemistry (LOTS!). In her free time, she enjoys having conversations with her friends, draws, paints, bakes and cooks. Feel free to reach out to her!

Asad Hashmi, Vice President 

Asad Hashmi, a Junior from Pakistan, is the Vice President of BACS. He performs research in Professor Craig Anderson’s lab focusing on organometallic chemistry.

Kyan Jain, Treasurer

Kyan Jain is a junior Chemistry major interested in studying RNA, DNA, and biochemical applications. He hope to make lots of money during a long and illustrious career as a chemist, but just having a job would be almost as good. He is from Long Beach, CA and he enjoys traveling and studying Japanese. He is also left handed.

Seoyoung Kim, Secretary

Seoyoung, a senior from Korea, is the secretary for the BACS. She started doing research through Bard Summer Research Institute (BSRI) program, and has been doing research in organic chemistry since the summer of her first year. Currently she is working on the synthesis of guanine analogs under her professor Emily McLaughlin. She is very happy to be studying chemistry at Bard and spending time in the lab. In her free time, Seoyoung likes to cook, watch Korean soap operas and shows, play the oboe, and listen to music.

Jeremy Kaplitt, Publicist

Jeremy Kaplitt, a Sophomore from New York, is the publicist for BACS. He is doing  research in Emily McLaughlin’s organic chemistry lab this year. He also has experience in biology research at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. In his free time, Jeremy enjoys watching basketball and listening to comedy.

David Yu, Photographer

David Yu, a current sophomore from New Jersey, is the photographer of the Bard Chapter of the American Chemical Society. He is currently working under Craig Anderson’s laboratory, synthesizing metal complexes and organic compounds. In his free time, David enjoys cooking, singing, playing the guitar, listening to music, and making music. 




Past Officers:

Leila Duman – 2012-2014 Co-President, graduate school at University of Maryland

Ian Pelse – 2013-2014 Treasurer, graduate school at Georgia Institute of Technology

Mike Weinstein – 2012-2013 Treasurer, graduate school at Tufts University

Madison Fletcher – 2011-2012 Co-President and Founder, graduate school at Temple University

Brian Yi Liu – 2010-2011 Co-President and Founder, graduate school at Georgia Institute of Technology


Co-presidents, Leila Duman and Olja Simoska, with Nobel Laureate Robert Grubbs. September, 2013.
2013 BACS Officers (L to R): Ian Pelse, Olja Simoska, Seoyoung Kim and Leila Duman.
2012 Officers: (L to R) Olja Simoska, Madison Fletcher, Leila Duman, Mike Weinstein
2012 Officers: (L to R) Olja Simoska, Madison Fletcher, Leila Duman, Mike Weinstein